Is this method suitable Just For Men?

Hair transplantation with FUE Method is more popular among men. But it doesn't mean it's not suitable for women.

If you are a woman with hair loss, you can be treated with FUE.


Will the new-sown hair be poured?

Hair loss is a natural part of hair transplantation. So, some hair in recipient areas will be poured.

But do not worry.

After the first hair loss, it will reappear strongly.

How old should I be for Hair Transplant?

If you do not have any chronic disease, you can always have hair transplantation.

Instead of hair transplantation in younger ages, a little older age should be preferred.


Will my hair look natural?

Yes. Hair transplantation is performed by the FUE method in accordance with hair direction and shape of the hair.

As the hair grows, it will have a natural appearance.

How long should I wait for full performance?

After hair transplantation, time is needed to prolong the follicles. After 3-6 months you will feel the performance of your hair.

How Many Pieces of Hair will  I need?

The amount of hair needed for hair transplantation is related to the region that is going to be treated.


Will there be pain?

The procedure will be performed with topical anesthesia. The topical anesthesia drug will be applied to the area with an injector. The drug-treated area will not feel any pain during the procedure.


What is required to be done before surgery?

A personal instruction program will be sent to you. Our doctors will give you Necessary instructions regarding alcohol consumption, non-blood thinning drugs, etc.

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