Care about your health During Holiday

Be Aware of microbes on the beaches

Beaches are not clean environments because they are common areas such as the sea and especially the pool area. Drying with towels laid in the sand increases the risk of contact with infectious agents. Therefore, the towel used for drying should be kept separately.


Do not sit on a sunbed

Care should be taken to clean the swimming pool area, showers, changing cabins and sun loungers to avoid infection on holiday. These areas should be cleaned at least once a day. Since the sun loungers are in the common area, direct contact should be avoided. Surely you should lay on a mat or towel. Do not use the towels that you used on the sunbed to dry your face or body.


The stagnant and sparkling sea may be sick

There are many disease hazards in stagnant ponds that are not well cleaned and have no circulation. Genital fungal infections, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, hepatitis A, eye, ear, and skin infections are caused by pool water. Since seawater is salty, microorganisms causing disease are more difficult to live. However, the stagnant, dirty and foamy surface of the seas also carry the risk of infection, such as the same ponds.


If the pool is crowded, prefer to sit on the edge

Hepatitis A, many diarrhea and intestinal parasites are transmitted by the oral route. Swallowing the contaminated pool and seawater, microbes reach the digestive system and diseases occur. This risk is particularly high in pools and children's pools that exceed their capacity. Those who have diarrhea and especially children should not enter the pool.

Change your swimsuit when you go in and out of water

The most important cause of genital fungi is moisture and wetness. In common areas that are not cleaned well, these diseases are much more easily transmitted. You should not wait with the wet swimsuits, after getting out of the pool, shower and dry well to reduce the risk of infection.

Don't be attracted to buffet food

Food should be served at full board or all-inclusive hotels at open buffets. The prolonged exposure of milk, cream, mayonnaise, meaty foods to heat, can cause food poisoning and diarrhea. Water consumption should also be considered. Water bottles with closed lid should be used. It should also be ensured that the ice put into the drinks is prepared from clean water. If cleaning and maintenance of the environment are not done inappropriate way, it prepares the ground for infections such as fungi. So you need to pay attention to the use of personal materials such as towels and slippers. The risk of influenza continues in the summer because of Different climates, crowds, beaches, and air conditioners. Especially children, elderly and pregnant women are at greater risk. The viruses that cause this are not different from the influenza viruses seen in winter. In this case, abundant fluid consumption and bed rest are very important.