Medical Escort

Medical Escort is the accompanying and the medical support of the medical staff consisting of Specialist Doctor - Paramedic - Nurse, until the medical dependence of the patient is terminated separately or together with the patient.


We can provide the medical ambulance service for long-distance evacuations with scheduled air ambulance and scheduled flights based on clinical suitability.




Patients with appropriate clinical conditions, no infectious disease, and no isolation, and patients at high risk of increased intracranial pressure during pressure balancing at high altitude are the groups of patients who should not be transported by normal course.


Patients who use oxygen due to the respiratory system and who use a high rate of oxygen are not possible to transfer with scheduled aircraft. It is a type of transfer that is recommended for patients who are stable and vital functions are not at risk. Suitability for cabin pressure is very important for all patients transferred by this route.


Stretcher flights are made with the help of a special stretcher which is placed on the seats of 6-9 purchased according to the type of aircraft. Stretcher must comply with international civil aviation rules. Patient's transfer cannot be performed by placing all types of the stretcher.


These flights are provided by the seats at the rear of the plane. According to the suitability of the plane with the other passengers, the curtain and the isolation of the part is provided. It is not made in an area independent from other passengers. In some airplanes, even if isolation is not possible, the patient and the passengers travel together without any splitting.




The flight permit must be written by the doctor in the hospital, and the patient's clinical condition must be clearly written and must lie in bed. Medical team presence is mandatory on Stretcher flights. It is mandatory for the physician at the hospital to write to the patient how to accompany a medical team. Medical team to accompany the patient, are experienced physicians and health personnel.


The captain of the plane is the last decision. Even if you have medical documents, the first captain of the flight can take the patient off the plane without giving any reason. It has the right. In such cases, the patient may wait for the next flight, meet the airline company, or evaluate different alternatives.




Medical teams to accompany the patient during the flight should be Specialist, Doctor, Anesthesia Technician, and Paramedics and Intensive Care Experienced Nurses. The flight experience of the healthcare team in terms of rapid and reliable intervention against the negative situations that may occur in the cabin is extremely important in the flight. The experience of the medical team should be evaluated in terms of the duration of the occupation, the certificates received and the time of escorting the stretcher flights.


As much as the experience of medical teams, the devices used by volatile personnel is very important. It is important and obligatory that all medical devices for patient safety and flight safety have international flight certificate.


Because of being a special flight, flights with stretcher are sold without any promotion from the top of the scheduled flight.


CAREES has been providing service for many years on stretcher flights with its expert team and flight certified medical teams.