Non-surgical facelift.

A Non-surgical face-lift operation;

A sample of your own blood is taken and then in a centrifuge machine, the blood components will be separated.

Platelets (Plasma) is a part of your blood that provides a healing function.

At the end of this process, PRP will be obtained.

After cleaning, sterilizing and applying an anesthetic cream to your skin, PRP will be injected to the region of your skin that is needed.

In this way, Stem cell renewal is provided.

All this process ends in 30 minutes.

Actual effects take place in 1 month.

Regeneration of deep tissue continues for 6 – 18 months.

Swelling of the face around the Jaw and cheeks will be disappeared

It heals the old and tired faces.

It makes the skin looks shiny and renews all layers of the skin.


Nasal Aesthetic Surgery

This method doesn't need any surgical intervention.

There are muscles that affect the shape of the nose, these muscles can pull the tip of the nose up and down.

Botulinum toxin affects the functions of these muscles and suppresses them.

This relaxation caused the nose tips to get up to 10-15 degrees.

It affects in 2 weeks and the effects continue for 4-6 months.


Lip filler

In this method, thin lips will be thicker by filling with a filler.

Hyaluronic acid is the substance that provides the fullness for the lips

As age increases the production of this substance will reduce. Therefore the skin will lose its flexibility.

Hyaluronic acid is inoculated into the externally examined regions. In this way, the fullness occurs.

The areas of application are varied and are decided by the doctor. (The upper lip, rim, etc.)

This process has been done in 5 minutes.

The doctor uses a cream for Local anesthetic. Then, the applied filling will be evenly distributed, using a massage technique. The result of lip filling process is immediately visible. The quality of the filling material is very important, and FDA and CE approvals are required.


Other operation


Skin Renewal

Neck Filling

Jaw filling

Cheek Filling

Temporary filling

Rope Face Lift

Eyebrow Removal




Sinan Akyurek M.D has been born in Bursa, one of the five big cities of Turkiye. After primary school, he had his high school education as a boarding student in Kadıköy Anatolian High School. He had his medical education at Cerrahpasa Medical School of Istanbul University and MBA at Bahcesehir University.

He had started his career as an emergency healthcare doctor and after getting a promotion in Medline, where started his career, he continued as a healthcare manager.

After working as Operations Manager he continued his career of management as a medical consultant in the pharmaceutical sector and also for different hospitals in different positions such as Deputy Medical Director, International Projects Manager, Project Development Manager.

He also gave lectures for Acıbadem Univesity when working for the healthcare group and shared his knowledge and experience with his students.


On 2012 he had met his latest career at Dora Hospital as a Medical Aesthetics Physician and a Healthy Living Coach as a twist of fate and fell in love with it. Developing his career in different corporations as Academic Hospital, Dermatec policlinics, etc. now he’s running his own practice. In his clinic, he does medical aesthetic applications such as botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, mesotherapy, dermal threads, laser, radiofrequency, microinjections, micro needling systems, etc. His special procedures in the clinic are Vampire Facelift, O-Shot, P-Shot, Acell, Micrograft Hair Transplantation.

He also practices ozone therapy, cupping therapy, phytotherapy, and hirudotherapy.


Now he is helping people when he’s doing the job he loves, practicing sculpting, playing guitar, running in the forest in the mornings and is the father of two beloved children and husband of a loving wife.