PRP is the Platelet Rich Plasma obtained from one's own blood. 10-20 ml of blood taken from the person is separated by the centrifuge device.

The isolated part is the richest Plasma in terms of growth factors. This part is called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

The PRP is injected into the problematic area and tissue, to allow the tissue to be rejuvenated.

Till PRP is not a stem cell therapy, but thanks to its growth factors, it activates the stem cells.

The PRP is injected into the penis. Yet one-time injection may not benefit, PRP injection can be done for 3 times in series.




Solving erectile problems

Improves sexual endurance

Solves the problem of Curved Penis

Provides healthy blood circulation

Extension of sexual activity

Contributes to the prostate solution

Solves the problem of incontinence

Enhances sexual feelings and pleasure

Affects the normal size of the penis



When can I notice the effects?

It starts to affect in 3 days. During 12 weeks, the small cells continue to rejuvenate.

How Much Growth Can I Expect?

Size and volume increase by 10% to 20%.


Pain may occur after the procedure. But it will be eliminated with pain relievers.