What is Obesity ?

Obesity and fatness are different.

Not every fat person is obese.

Obesity is an abnormal increase in body fat.


BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculation?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated by dividing the weight in Kilogram by the square meter of height.

If your BMI value is between 20 and 25, your weight is within ideal limits.

If the BMI value is between 25 and 30 you can be overweight.

It can be said that you have entered the group of obese if the BMI value is over 30.

BMI is a value calculated from height and weight and does not change according to gender. It does not directly measure the fat percentage of the body, but for predicting of overweight and obesity it is more accurate and reliable than Weight.

Body mass index is calculated by dividing the weight of the person by the square of his weight. Automatic calculators have also been developed for this purpose.



The most effective treatment modality accepted worldwide is Tube Stomach Surgery. (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy )

For a normal adult, the volume of a stomach is 1.5-2 lt.

In Tube stomach surgery, a large portion of the stomach is taken (the remained is like a crescent moon) and the volume is reduced to 30-150 ml.

No external thing is inserted into the stomach.

The goal is to reduce the amount of food that can be eaten at one time. Our body will feel satiety by taking the hormone secreted from the upper part of the stomach so the amount of eating food will be reduced.

Tube gastric surgery does not harm any of the natural processes of the digestive system. In other words, absorption is not reduced.

And does not cause any reduction in absorption of the vitamins and minerals required for our body.


How is the surgery process?

There will be some pains after surgery and in the following days. These pains are bearable.

Nausea and retention can also be seen.

The day after the surgery, the stomach tube is examined through X-RAY.

Oral liquid intake can be started after the check.

There may be pain behind the chest bone due to fluid intake but it goes away shortly.

You should move as much as possible in your place and you can walk frequently, on the 5th day, you can take short walks outside.

You can take a shower in the 3rd day. You must avoid coughing as much as you can.

Prescribed medicines should be used without delay and it is important to wear elastic pressure socks for 4 days.

Blood tests and nutrition programs should be observed.



Is there any risk?

There are no risks of leakage, etc. of the surgeries performed according to the technique.

The only observed side effect is the possibility of reflux but these patients also, have normal health within 3 years.

How much of the stomach is taken?

Approximately 85% of the stomach is removed during surgery.

The remaining stomach appears in the form of a tube with the thickness of the thumb.

What makes me lose weight?

The removed section is the section that produces Ghrelin hormone that stimulates our hunger

Because the appetite-enhancing hormone is not secreted in the blood, the feeling of hunger is limited.

What Are The Medical Procedures Before The Surgery?

Endoscopy, ultrasound and some blood tests will be performed before surgery.

How much weight can I lose?

60-80% of the current weight may be lost during the year after the operation of Tube Stomach Surgery.

But for weight loss, surgery is not enough.

Healthy eating and exercise are also essential.

Do I Have Open Surgery?

Operation is performed laparoscopic (closed). In other words, the patient's abdomen is not cut open.

Is age important for the surgery?

Yeah. If you are a man or a woman between the ages of 12-79, you may have this operation.

How long is the operation time?

The average duration of surgery is 30-45 minutes.

For how long should I stay in the hospital?

2-3 days max.

How many days later can I go to work?

You can go to your business within 1 week

When Can I Start Exercises?

You can start right away. You can have slow movements even in the hospital.  It is better to wait 1 month to the wounds to be closed before starting swimming.

Is there any problem if I Have Previously Abdominal Surgery, Is This Problem?

Not at all. But be sure to share this information with your doctor.

Does Diabetes Type2 cause any problem?

Could be. Share this information with your doctor.

Should I Have Aesthetic Surgery After this surgery?

There will be some sags on the skin after the surgery. You can remove most of them with exercises. Plastic surgery is also an option but you must wait for 18 months.

Will I Need Vitamin and Mineral supplementary After Surgery?

Yes, it will need some multivitamin supplementary. Our dietitians will give you a nutritional program.

Will my doctor checking me after surgery?

Yeah. After the surgery you will be given the program you need to apply, by your doctor.

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Our prices start from 5.000 USD. Our prices vary according to one's BMI. Our contact center will send you our prices. Our prices include packages, pre-hospital procedures, surgery, and hospital accommodation, 2 days accommodation in the country, transfer and interpreter services.


DR. Gurdal Oren  

He graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1991. He received his specialty in general surgery from Cukurova University Faculty of Medicine.

He has been doing obesity surgeries for the last 10 years. (approximately 550 patients per year)

He has been working with the same team for 6 years.

He has given many conferences at home country and abroad. In developing countries, he accompanies doctor training within the scope of master class programs.