What is Baldness?

Baldness is usually caused by the lack of hairs on the heads. The most common type of baldness is known as “male pattern baldness.

The name in the medical language is androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia can appear in men and women. In women, the loss of the entire hair is not frequently observed, the hair becomes sparse and thinner. 70% of males and 40% of females are exposed to this type of baldness at some point in their lives.

There are three phases of hair growth: the first is the anagen phase, the second is known as the catagen phase, and the third stage is called the telogen phase.

Anagen phase normally takes 3 years, telogen phase only takes 100 days. Then the hair is poured.

There are also different types of alopecia. For example as the result of the disease; genetic, psychological stresses, cellular, infectious and neural factors.

As a result, baldness is a condition of hair loss, alopecia is a medical condition that causes many types of baldness.

A normal adult has 100-150 hair loss per day.


Which type of baldness do you have?

Measure your degree of baldness with the HAMİLTON NORWOOD scale


Hair Transplantation

In order to eliminate the balding occurred in the head region, in a hospital environment, with a surgical treatment used by the specialist doctors, hair follicles remove from the hairy area of the head to the bald or balding area.


FUE Hair Transplantation

The most effective method for hair transplantation is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Since in this method, hair treatment is performed according to the angle and direction of the hair, it provides a natural appearance and becomes more permanent.

The roots of the hair are taken individually, not in blocks.

The area around the hair follicles is freed with the help of the micromotor device.

The free radicals on the tissue are collected with micropipettes.

Small holes are opened on the hairless skin and the follicular units are mounted in these holes.

It is important to correctly remove the bald part of the head.

It is important that these calculations are done correctly in order to make the process look natural.

It is necessary to obtain maximum efficiency from the area where the hair is going to be taken.

It should be ensured that the maximum of the roots that are taken, can be kept fertile.



POST Operation CARE:

Personal hair care is very important after the procedure.

All necessary shampoo and lotions will be provided to you by our clinic.


A bandage will be applied to the hair root area of the head.

The first day, it doesn’t look good

There will be some edema around the eyes

When sleeping you should lay on back, the neck should be supported with pillows.

The hair follicle should not be in direct contact with anything.

The holes in the head will be closed.



You can wear a hat

Pain relief can be taken

Stay 2 days away from sexual activities

After the ninth day, sports and physical activities can be done.

After 2 days you can wash your hair. Crusts and clots should be cleaned.

 7-10 days after washing your hair, all crusts and shells should be removed from the recipient areas.

If there is still any crust in the head even in day 10, do not remove them. Let them break down spontaneously. This usually occurs within 2 weeks.

During the first month after the procedure, protect the scalp from direct sunlight and overheating (sauna).

10 days after the procedure, no one will understand that hair transplantation is done.

3 to 9 months later

Cells are rooted and started to live

New hair starts to grow. Hair grows 1-2 cm per month

Thickening of the hair will be in 6-9 months.

Within the first year, the haircut should be done using scissors.

After 9 months, the control examination can be performed.



Is this method suitable Just For Men?

Hair transplantation with FUE Method is more popular among men. But it doesn't mean it's not suitable for women.

If you are a woman with hair loss, you can be treated with FUE.


Will the new-sown hair be poured?

Hair loss is a natural part of hair transplantation. So, some hair in recipient areas will be poured.

But do not worry.

After the first hair loss, it will reappear strongly.

How old should I be for Hair Transplant?

If you do not have any chronic disease, you can always have hair transplantation.

Instead of hair transplantation in younger ages, a little older age should be preferred.


Will my hair look natural?

Yes. Hair transplantation is performed by the FUE method in accordance with hair direction and shape of hair.

As the hair grows, it will have a natural appearance.

How long should I wait for full performance?

After hair transplantation, time is needed to prolong the follicles. After 3-6 months you will feel the performance of your hair.

How Many Pieces of Hair Will do I need?

The amount of hair needed for hair transplantation is related to the region that is going to be treated.


Will there be pain?

The procedure will be performed with topical anesthesia. The topical anesthesia drug will be applied to the area with an injector. The drug-treated area will not feel any pain during the procedure.


What is required to be done before surgery?

A personal instruction program will be sent to you. Our doctors will give you Necessary instructions regarding alcohol consumption, non-blood thinning drugs, etc.

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Dr. Merdan ÇELİK

I graduated from Trakya University Faculty of Medicine in 1997.

I worked as a volunteer doctor at the United Nations Migration Organization (IOM).

I studied hair transplantation and hair restoration in the USA.

I am doing aesthetic medicine and hair transplantation and restoration operations since 2005.

I have an average of 40 hair transplantation operations per month.

I also teach hair transplantation.

So far, I have trained about 50 doctors.

I have a lot of contributions with Turkey and Abroad associations doing joint scientific work.

I have been working with the same team for 10 years.