Organ Transplantation


We continue to successfully perform many organ transplantations including kidney, lung, pancreas, bone marrow, heart, liver, and cornea with an expert staff.


Liver Transplantation

Liver transplantation is a process of replacing the liver with a healthy liver. Not only surgery but also after preparation and post-transplantation processes are very important. For this important and risky operation, large vessels are cut and sutured. You are in safe hands with our experienced staff for this operation which requires quite attention.


Kidney Transplantation

For kidney transplantation, the kidney is usually derived from relatives up to a 4th degree or from people who have had brain death. Nowadays, the kidneys available for kidney transplantation are less than needed kidneys. The solution for preventing too many chemotherapists is Kidney transplantation, but because of insufficient numbers, these people live their lives depending on the machine.


Heart Transplantation – It is the process of replacing the heart, which is unable to perform its task, with a healthy heart from people with brain death. Detailed studies are carried out for tissue adaptation and, when appropriate, transport can be performed.


Bone Marrow Transplantation - For children with leukemia in childhood, bone marrow transplantation is performed if the drug does not respond. The success rate is 85%. Small amounts of the marrow from the donor with the host stem cells are injected into the patient. There is no harmful effect on the patient because the amount is small. If there is an improvement in blood cells according to the samples taken within 3 weeks after this procedure, the transplantation process starts. Nowadays, children with leukemia who have successfully progressed bone marrow transplant regain their health 1 year after transplantation.